The Word Shaker

The Idea Hive has recently been doing a shared reading on the book The Book Thief. In the book Max writes a story for Liesel. Our classes were divided up into 11 groups, we had to work together using the pictures to determine what the story is about. My group was Dylan, Heaven, Austin and I. This is what we thought the story represented.

People are trying to be more like Hitler, thinking that it will make them a more powerful person. This is what the Nazis need to survive and that it is what they are made up of.  They are made up of hatred, and the swastikas represent who they are.

Hitler wants the Nazis to believe that they are doing the right thing in the war and  that killing Jewish people is good and right. He is brain washing them into thinking it’s all about the power and land not about rights of people.

Liesel is holding a seed in her hand, the seed of hope. The seed that Liesel is holding is so small because they have little hope. She will plant the seed of hope and it will blossom into hope for the Jews.

Liesel is a little tree in a forest trying to grow into a strong tree, but the words of hatred surround her. Which is making it hard to grow normally.

As the Nazis try to chop down the tree of hope, the tree is so strong that it won’t break down; all though it sheds tears.

Liesel is being sheltered by the tree of hope just like they sheltered Max in there basement from the Nazis. when someone dies and there hope is lost the tree sheds a leave.

Max is pulling out tools to help Liesel rebuild her hope. Max is trying to rebuild what the Nazis were trying to destroy.

Max is climbing the tree to find hope in the Nazi world. He wants to be with Liesel and have hope like her too. He would do anything to have that kind of hope and innocents in his life.

Max has found Liesel and is greeting her. He tells her that he is going to help her build hope for her and the rest of the world.

The hope of the people is so big and strong that they are over tanking the Nazi’s with hope. Hope is so strong that is way bigger then the trees of hatred and fear. The hope and friendship of Liesel and Max allows the tree to grow so much bigger then the other trees.

Every ones individual hope is coming together to make a forest of hope instead of a forest of hatred and those tears were seeds. They are walking safely through the forest of hope.

  1. January 28th, 2011

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